Who What Wear Podcast: Nurse Jamie

Everyone knows that you are the queen of filler. Anyone who’s seen your Netflix show Skin Decisions is very aware of how truly next-level your work is. I’m hoping that you can talk about some of the lesser-known uses for filler. Everyone knows you can put in your lips, but what else can you do with it?

NJ: I love filler. You can use it in so many different ways. I don’t even really probably use it in the traditional ways as frequently as I do in like off-label, I guess. I’m all about restoring the structure. There’s a thing that I call peanut head where we lose fat in our temple. The way I kind of treat that is by doing hidden filler more in the hairline and then the temples and back in front of the ears instead of just placing it in the nasal labial folds because filler does stimulate new collagen and over time it can start to look very heavy. So I rarely, if ever, put it in the folds, which is probably one of the more common areas to use it. I look at the folds as symptoms. We start to lose fat in our face in our 30s and then we start to lose bone density in our 40s. To mimic that fat and the bone loss, I kind of just restore that structure more. There are also things like Sculptra. I use it more for dermal repair. Sculptra is poly-L-lactic acid, it’s one molecule different than sugar, and I think it was popular when it first came out for people that had HIV and were super emaciated. 

With traditional filler, you could almost see the lines where it went in and where you were placing it. So I love Sculptra for dermal repair. I use it for cellulite; I use it for the décolleté, the neck (because obviously you don’t want to add any volume there, but you want to repair that tissue from sun damage); hormone therapy; different things that can cause that thinning of the skin.

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