What Meghan Markle said in 1st interview since Oprah tell-all

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  • And since giving birth to her daughter, Lilibeth, at the beginning of the month.

    Meghan Markle and Prince Harry welcomed their second child, a daughter whom they’ve named Lillibet Diana, earlier this month.

    Since then, Meghan has kept a fairly low profile, enjoying being a new mother and no doubt recovering from the labour.

    Yesterday, the Duchess of Sussex gave her first interview since the birth – and since that tell-all Oprah interview in March.

    Chatting on NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday: Picture This radio show, she appeared to plug her new book, The Bench

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    She shared that it’s a ‘love story’ packed with ‘personal memories [and] anecdotes’ about Prince Harry, through ‘good times or bad’.

    Speaking about the inspiration behind the children’s book, Meghan disclosed that her first Father’s Day gift to Harry – a garden bench – was what that sparked the initial idea.

    “As most of us do, you go, what am I going to get them as a gift? And I thought I just wanted something sentimental and a place for him to have as a bit of a home base with our son,” she said.

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    Writing a short but sweet poem, which she then had engraved on a plaque for the bench, led to her initial idea for the publication.

    The plaque simply reads: “This is your bench, Where life will begin, For you and our son, Our baby, our kin.”

    The title has already become a certified number one New York Times bestseller, despite only being published by Penguin Random House on 8th June.

    Meghan Markle The Bench

    In short, it’s a picture book illustrating the magnitude of different types of bond a father and son have. By-and-large, the bench is the main theme, with father and son duos bonding over a range of activities near the bench, from feeding chickens, to gardening.

    “I really hope that people can see this as a love story that transcends the story of my family,” she shared.

    “I often find, and especially in this past year, I think so many of us realised how much happens in the quiet. It was definitely moments like that, watching them from out of the window and watching [my husband] just, you know, rock him to sleep or carry him or, you know … those lived experiences, from my observation, are the things that I infused in this poem.”

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    “It was definitely moments like that, watching them from out of the window and watching [my husband] just, you know, rock him to sleep or carry him or, you know … those lived experiences, from my observation, are the things that I infused in this poem.”

    Previously, she’s described the book as an exploration of the ‘special relationship between father and son,’ and gave the interview on Father’s Day to coincide with the main theme of the story.

    In the interview, Meghan also shares Archie’s love of reading, describing him as a ‘voracious’ reader who ‘loves’ her book.

    “I knew our son would notice all of those elements, and he loves the book, which is great because he has a voracious appetite for books and constantly when we read him a book he goes ‘again, again, again’.”

    “But now the fact he loves The Bench and we can say ‘Mummy wrote this for you’ feels amazing,” she shared.

    Do watch out for some sweet family nods in there – including Princess Diana’s favourite flowers, forget-me-nots.

    “I think you can find sweet little moments that we hid in there – of my favourite flower, even my husband’s mum’s favourite flower, forget-me-nots,” shared Meghan.

    “We wanted to make sure those were included in there. There are many, many special details and love that went into this book.”

    To listen the full interview for yourself, head to the NPR website.

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