The Best Basics Are Actually at Revolve—Let Me Prove It

Like most people, when you think of Revolve, you probably think of the site’s trend-forward selection—and I don’t blame you. The retailer is known for constantly keeping up with the latest It pieces, brands, and of-the-moment motifs, and honestly, it excels at it and knows how to market its offerings to people who are looking for just that. However, as someone who tends to prefer a wardrobe full of great basics to one rife with all the latest trends, I’m here to tell you that the site can, without a doubt, do both.

When I’m shopping for new jeans, shorts, tees, tanks, sandals, or even simple summer dresses, I go to Shopbop, Zara, and Net-a-Porter, but without fail, I also check Revolve every time, and the site does not disappoint. To prove it to you, I’ve gone through its many pages of products, rounded up my favorite essentials in all the aforementioned categories, and packaged them for you in today’s little (but lengthy) story. To get started, simply keep scrolling, and prepare to have your shopping habits forever changed.

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