The 6 Biggest Summer Jeans Trends for Women in 2021

Last summer, I don’t think I wore jeans more than once or twice. I stuck to mostly softer materials like leggings or sweatpants. However, I’ve started to finally wear jeans again this spring and will continue to wear them into the summer months. We’ve already covered plenty of summer trends, from prints to swimsuits, so it only makes sense to cover denim since we had quite the lack of it last year. Whether you’re pairing it with a lightweight blouse or strappy tank top, I love a good pair of summer jeans. 

Below, you’ll find the six denim styles that we’re seeing bubble up for the summertime. Denim is a personal preference, so by all means, feel free to wear whatever style you feel most comfortable in. But if you’re unsure on which style to wear, the list below can help you figure that out in no time. 

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