The 38 Best Travel-Sized Beauty Products for Your Next Trip

Fun fact about me: I love all beauty products, but I’m drawn to miniature versions of them like a moth to a flame. This is for the obvious reason that they’re cute (in the same way that little Nike sneakers for babies are cute). One of the many things I missed about traveling over the past 15 months was buying and using travel-sized beauty products. I know that there are many far more important things to miss about traveling, but sometimes it’s the little things (pun intended).

I finally have a few trips on the horizon, and I’ve been ordering travel sizes accordingly. While recently scrolling through the mini offerings on Sephora, I couldn’t help but think back to when I first started traveling regularly (circa 2006). The only travel-sized products I could ever find were the measly offerings at the drugstore. Now that selection is far more robust, as is the selection of luxury beauty products in mini sizes. Brands seem to have gotten the memo loud and clear. 

Since you’re reading this, I’m guessing that you too may have just booked a trip, so scroll to shop the best travel-sized products and enjoy continuing your self-care routine away from home.

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