The 15 Best Frédéric Malle Perfumes That Smell So Luxe

Scents can really set the tone and bring out so many emotions. Just think about it: The perfume you wore in college could make you think of nights out at your favorite dive bar. Or maybe it’s the perfume you wore every day at your first job that makes you nostalgic. And a whiff of a loved one’s signature scent might make you feel comforted in a way.

It’s so easy to use a scent to your advantage to give off a certain vibe. For me, I don’t wear fragrances that much, but when I do, I try to be deliberate with them. So if I’m having a fun summer outdoor brunch with friends, I’ll go for something citrusy and fresh. And if it’s wintertime and I want to feel cozy, I’ll opt for a woodsy, grounded scent. And when I want to feel extra fancy, well, I go for something sophisticated and chic—not too sickly sweet but also not too heady.

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