Tan France’s Easy Skincare-and-Beauty Routine

Oh, definitely. We also have to talk about your hair because it’s immaculate. I’m sure you’re asked this a lot, but I need styling tips, products you love, everything. 

[Laughs] Well, thank you. So easy. I will say, the number of men who seem shocked that I use a blow-dryer. Like, what the eff is wrong with you?! Get a blow-dryer and use it! I don’t understand how men think that this just happens naturally. ANYWAY, blow-dryer, round brush, blow-dry it into place. Before I blow-dry, I put a tiny bit of mousse in to help the style keep its shape. Tresemmé does one that’s great. Then, I simply put argan oil in my hair. I have incredibly coarse, dry hair, so after I blow-dry, it just helps replenish the moisture. Next is that Firsthand pomade I mentioned, and that’s all I use. Every now and then, between scenes, I’ll use hair spray if it’s starting to fall, but other than that, it’s very rare that I actually need it.

Love it. And okay, I know that Jonathan [Van Ness] is technically the grooming expert on the show, but is there anything you’ve taught him about beauty or grooming? And vice versa, what’s the biggest thing you’ve learned from him about beauty?

Um [laughs], I taught him something a while ago, and it’s so vulgar, but I am going to tell you anyway.

Oh, I want to hear everything. 

So, this is gross. I am so sorry. So—agh—it’s so weird to tell you. He actually talked about it in an interview recently, so you might have heard it already. But he was going to go for anal bleaching. It’s a thing, people do it, and so I was like, you don’t have to do that. I don’t understand why you need that. And he was like, “Well, it’s a thing. Everyone is doing it.” And I was like, no, no. If you take care of things down below, you don’t need it. And he was like, “What do you mean?” [sighs] If you, um, exfoliate down below…


If you exfoliate down below with every shower, you shouldn’t need it. And after one goes, if one uses a bidet or showers and then exfoliates down there, you actually don’t need to do any kind anal bleaching. So he was like, “I don’t believe it, but I’m going to try it.” Three months later, he was talking about it in every interview: “Tan taught me something that I never knew, and I really didn’t even think it was possible, but you don’t have to get anal bleaching done. There is a way of correcting it yourself.”

[Laughs] I love it. I did not see this one coming!

Was that way too vulgar?! Sorry!

No, no—this is what I want when I ask these questions! I want something that I’ve never heard before or our readers aren’t expecting! 

I’m going to give you an example. I’m Muslim. And Muslim people, we must use water after we’ve gone to the bathroom. It must be done; it’s part of our religion. So I was honestly confused as to why all of these people felt like they had to bleach down there! Like, what’s wrong down there?! So he very vulgarly googled it and was like, “This is what white people’s look like!” and I was like OH MY GOD, how do you let it get so bad?! So that’s how I figured it out. There’s just a difference! [Laughs]

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