Reviewed: Bask Suncare’s Line of Sunscreen and SPF Products

We all know we’re supposed to wear sunscreen to protect ourselves against skin cancer, just like we know we shouldn’t smoke cigarettes in an effort to avoid scary diseases such as lung cancer. That said, the threat of complications due to sun exposure hasn’t seemed to penetrate our psyches in quite the same way or with quite as much urgency.

As Huffstetler pointed out to me, one in five Americans will get skin cancer by age 70 and yet, it is the most preventable form of cancer. The elephant in the room? We need to actually want to wear the stuff that will do said preventing. By creating new, ultra-comfy sunscreen formulas (you have options—there’s both a non-aerosol spray and a lotion) that the masses would actually feel motivated to apply, Huffstetler is trying to help. To glean more information, he surveyed over 50,000 men and women, and according to the results, the number one application deterrent people have is how sunscreen “feels on the skin” and the number two deterrent revolved around the absence of healthy, clean ingredients.

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