Office Administrator in Austin, TX — Money Diary

Occupation: Office Administrator
Industry: Childcare
Age: 28
Location: Austin, TX
Salary: $37,440
Net Worth: -$8,700 (I have two savings accounts totaling to $5,525, an Acorns account with $195, and about $4,200 in a piggy bank. This is including my car and student loan debt. My SO and I have a joint bank account exclusively for bills, but I don’t view that as an asset. He and I contribute about 50% or more of our paychecks to it.)
Debt: Car debt: $8,300, student loans: $10,300
Paycheck Amount (biweekly ): $1,100
Pronouns: She/her

Monthly Expenses
Rent: $1,445 (For a two-bedroom and includes water utilities. We need the two rooms since we have a nine-year-old boy. My boyfriend helps me with about $650, and I pay the rest since I have a higher salary. )
Car Loan: $300
Student Loans: deferred due to COVID
Electric: $100
After School Care: $264
Car Insurance: $80 (boyfriend pays other half)
Streaming Services: boyfriend pays
Acorns: $6
Son’s Orthodontist: $300

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