Loose Clothing Is Still Trending—Here Are the Best Styles

Quarantine life is, by far, the biggest force affecting fashion in 2021 and has impacted the personal style of women around the world forever. Give a mouse sweats for a year, and she will definitely not return to skinny jeans and four-inch heels! Instead, the natural evolution of quarantine comfort has been baggy, relaxed silhouettes that are actually made to wear outside. 

When it comes to styling loose or oversize clothing, there is a fine line between Mary-Kate Olsen circa 2005 and Mary-Kate Olsen circa 2019—if you know what I mean. As a rule of thumb, I usually try to contain the volume to one part of the outfit. This directs attention to the contrast between the proportions and avoids the various elements of your outfit having to compete for attention.

From overalls to relaxed-fit pants, oversize blazers, and more, keep scrolling to see the five oversize items you’ll need in your closet to get the look along with tips on how to style them this summer.

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