Lawson Hammock – The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

Lawson Hammock was a pioneer in the now popular “hammock” category within the outdoor industry. Founder, Wes Johnson, has always been passionate about the outdoors. He wanted to create a product and business that would encourage people to get outside and enjoy the amazing natural resources that are often found right in one’s backyard; something that was unique, fun, versatile and allows users to explore places that were typically restricted by the type of shelter they were carrying. Out of this, the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock was born and ultimately earned Wes a patent. The popularity of the tent hammock within the camping and backpacking community happened over time, organically, because it was so different from other products on the market.

The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock became a favorite among all types of campers through the years due to its many unique features and versatility.

The patented design of the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock allows for use suspended as a hammock, or on the ground as a tent; enabling users to camp virtually anywhere. The conditions of the terrain where you are seeking shelter no longer matter. It can be uneven, wet, rocky, have trees or not have trees…this shelter works anywhere.

The unique tent frame is made up of a spreader bar and arch pole system that keeps the bed of the hammock flat and taut. This system eliminates the uncomfortable “cocoon” or “banana” effect created by most hammocks and creates a surprisingly spacious interior. You can sleep on your side, easily roll over and not wake up feeling like you slept on a bed of rocks. This comfort is critical for overnight sleeping and extended excursions. And when it is exclusively used as a camping hammock, a sleeping pad is no longer necessary, lightening the load of your backpack.

The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock is made with extremely durable, top quality material. The no-see-um bug netting and waterproof ripstop nylon rainfly attach directly to the hammock, so there is no need for tent stakes or additional trees to tie off a tarp. Occupants are protected from both the elements and critters, which gives you peace of mind when you have to “bug out” and cannot avoid bad weather or peak insect/mosquito season.



Lawson’s Blue Ridge Camping Hammock is super easy and fast to set up. It has a size/weight similar to a single person tent, so it attaches easily to a backpack. This practical tent hammock has many useful features like two interior storage pockets and o-rings in the ceiling for hanging reading lights. If conditions allow, users can remove the arch poles and use it as a regular, open hammock. This is especially great for lounging out in the open during the day.

The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock is a unique, hybrid tent-hammock that has been rated #1 on the market by leading publications like Backpacker and Outside. It was also the recipient of the prestigious 2015 Gear Of The Year Award by 50 Campfires. Lawson Hammock’s product is sold in top retailers like Campmor.

The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock is great for anyone looking for the most versatile shelter possible and the price point hard to beat considering its extremely high-end materials and features. It comes highly recommended from people around the world and we concur, recommending Lawson Hammock’s impressive piece of kit for your gear assortment.


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