How to Create Your Personal Style, According to an Expert

While I love scrolling through fashion TikTok, it can feel a little bit repetitive with the same kinds of extensive hauls and try-on videos. Anyone can throw on a trendy ‘fit, but it’s the creators who hone in on the importance of personal style that truly grab my attention in the sea of content. One of them is Alexandra Hildreth, who works at Beyond the Mag and is known to the TikTok world as @guyfieri.superfan. She makes videos on all aspects of fashion by analyzing the newest collections or talking about the vast changes of fashion throughout history, for example.

My favorite videos from her have to be the ones about wardrobe identity and personal style, in which she gives viewers tips on creating a wardrobe that fits them rather than adhering to what everyone on the app is wearing. I love a trend just as much as the next person, but I agree that honing in on what you truly love to wear is superior to dressing well.

I watch her posts the second they’re available, so I’ve seen them all, but there’s a lot that gets left out when you’re confined to a 60-second clip. So I reached out to Hildreth to talk about her thoughts on what personal style truly is, some of her fashion staples, and the evolution of her style, which is incredibly cool, by the way. If you haven’t seen Hildreth’s videos, don’t fret, because I’ve linked to some of her must-watches below. 

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