All the 2000s Jewelry Trends That Are Actually Back in Style

If you keep up with the latest in fashion (which, of course you do since you’re reading WWW), you’re well aware of the sudden resurgence of everything from the crazy era that was the early 2000s. From platform flip-flops to velour tracksuits, there are so many trends from the decade ruled by Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan that are fully back in action here in 2021. More than a few other trends have been making their way out of 2001 and right into our closets 20 years later—namely, jewelry trends of the early aughts.

From the kitschy plastic rings I’ve been coveting to the brightly colored beads I’m wearing right at this very moment, several of this season’s most popular jewelry trends look like they walked straight off the pages of Tiger Beat. Fashion girls seem to be ahead of the curve per usual, so take a look at the below 2000s jewelry moments you can incorporate into your summer outfits. Now that all things Y2K are trending from fashion to beauty, keep reading for the 2000s jewelry trends that are also sure to stick this summer.

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