A Look Into the Wardrobes of Everyone’s Favorite Authors

Being a fashion site, we’re always giving you the latest sartorial insight from designers, buyers, influencers, and stylists. It’s an obvious thought—you look toward people in the industry for inspiration, right? I realized recently, however, that a lot of my “fashion” following isn’t even comprised of people who work in fashion at all. While I love to see what other people in the industry are wearing, it doesn’t mean that I can’t take a look at what others in different fields are doing with their clothing, especially those in the arts. My Instagram following is filled with interior decorators, painters, graphic designers—all of which have wardrobes that live to tell a story. Today’s wardrobe dive? Authors. They have a copious amount of talent to write their experiences into poetry or create fictional and imaginary worlds, and they can be just as creative with their outfits. 

While we may know our history of great writers, they’ve had their fair share of overlap with the fashion world, farther back than you think. Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald were known for their three-piece suits and low-waist dresses, and many years later, Joan Didion starred in a Celine campaign. Their appeal to the industry was that they were very much out of fashion, which made their personal style feel more authentic and different. Below, I asked three modern-day authors about their classic “writer’s style,” how they correlate confidence with dressing, and everything regarding their routines at home since authors did the work-from-home thing before any of us. 

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