8 Stylish Fine Jewelry Brands for Modern Jewelry

Whenever my friends ask me for shopping advice, I always make a point to provide them with suggestions that aren’t completely obvious. For example, if they ask me where to buy great workout clothes, I’m not going to tell them Lululemon because everyone already knows that. The same goes for jewelry. I get a lot of questions about fine jewelry, in particular, since it’s an investment and you’re likely to want to choose carefully. I completely get that, and I always make a point to answer carefully as well. 

Some of my favorite fine jewelry brands at the moment are ones you may or may not have heard of, but I’m quite sure that you won’t soon forget them once you’re familiar. Scroll on to familiarize yourself with these cool fine jewelry brands and to shop some of my favorite pieces. (Feel free to tell your friends about them, too.)


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