8 Outdated Summer Accessories and What to Wear in 2021

With the ebb and flow of the trend cycle comes an accumulation of items that increase or decrease in popularity each season. Of course, though, you should always wear whatever you love, regardless of what’s deemed as trendy by some. That said, if you are looking for a bit of summer shopping inspiration, we thought we’d share some of the items we’re currently loving and also putting aside for now. Oh, and we wanted to focus on accessories specifically. Hey, those special add-ons can really take any wardrobe to that next level.

A few members of our fashion team gave insights into the outdated summer accessories they’re personally not into and also offered up feedback on the trendy pieces they’re going to be wearing instead. As a preview, there’s everything from a statement-making jewelry trend to a fresh sunglasses look coming your way.

Keep scrolling for more, including a range of summer shopping recommendations as well.

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