7 Summer Fashion Trends That Will Be Huge in 2021

With the change of the season always comes a good closet clean-out. As I take time to absorb the new trends and styles that have emerged over the year, the best way to welcome them into my life is to get rid of a few of the items from the previous year that I am no longer as interested in.

It should come as no surprise that I am a huge follower of trends, so this purging step is crucial to me if I want to make room for all the fun new summer trends I’m about to absorb. Now, the seven trends I am ditching this year are just the styles I personally am not as amused by, so if you love all of the items I’m getting rid of, that doesn’t mean you aren’t stylish or are outdated—it just means that, this summer, we have different preferences, and that’s what fashion is all about.

With that in mind, go on to browse through the seven summer fashion trends that I am most excited to wear this season in addition to the ones I am putting away (at least for now). From long shorts to crafty jewelry, I have a feeling you’ll be quite inspired by the new summer trends that are bubbling this year.

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