The finance market is most certainly the Wild, Wild West, and with the ever-fluctuating value of stocks, who knows where the shoe would bite at any second. This is the importance of latching on to the best minds in the financial industry.  Those who are up to date with the most current trends in finance can vouch for the volatility of the market and the need to stay upbeat with smart finance influencers who are able to provide adequate and timely information on financial research on various platforms.

Additionally, finance brands who are looking to market their products via influencer marketing stand to benefit from working with niche group that can effectively advertise their products to a specific target audience. Finance influencers are experts who have acquired their popularity and audience by adding value to the lives of others with real-time information on market analysis and investment strategy.

Here is our list of top 50 finance influencers that offer insightful, and well-curated financial news and information on on-goings in the money market.


List of The 50 Top Finance Influencers 


1.   Warren Buffett – @WarrenBuffet/ 1.7M

The ultimate finance influencer, Warren Buffett, needs no introduction. He is widely known for his financial success and as the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. He is a renowned philanthropist, business tycoon, investor, and chairman at Berkshire Hathaway. He made his first million as a hedge fund manager then he doubles down to the ownership of small banks in the US. His major success was hinged on his decision to venture into insurance. He is emulated by many business persons and financial capitalists worldwide.

Finance Influencers 


2.   Dave Ramsey – @DaveRamsey/938k

The successful businessman, finance influencer, and consultant on matters lends his pool of knowledge on how to budget, why not to invest money on insurance, how to beat debt, and build a strong financial legacy. He devised fundamental principles that are extremely helpful in the finance market.

Finance Influencers 


3.   Nouriel Roubini – @Nouriel/ 522.4k

Nouriel is recognized finance influencer and a professor at Stern School in NYU plus a co-author of Crisis Economics. He is the CEO of Roubini Global Economics and has made a brand name in the field of business, economics, and finance. His activities and views in the field of economics have culminated into massive followership by business persons, governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as other financial analysts.

Finance Influencers 


Screen Shot 2021 05 25 at 5.36.58 PM

4.   Carl Icahn – @Carl_c_Icahn/ 397.5k

Talk about industry moguls, finance influencing doesn’t get any better than the renowned and revered chairman of the Icahn enterprise. He is one of leading finance influencers and an expert on investments based on human behavior. His successes in the financial sector are widespread so is his influence on the investment decisions of numerous entrepreneurs worldwide.

Finance Influencers 


5.   Matt Levine – @matt_levine/ 161.3k

The Bloomberg option columnist is one of leading finance influencers. He was previously an editor for Dealbreaker, an investment banker at Goldman Sachs, and merger and acquisition lawyer at Lipton, Wachtell, and the U.S court of appeal. He is the author of Money Stuff and has written numerous, thought-provoking content on finance and investing.  

Finance Influencers 


6.   Mr. Money Mustache – @mrmoneymustache/ 130.5k

The outrageously outlandish Mr. Money Moustache is one of top finance influencers in his thirties who writes about smart ways to beat the system and live a frugal yet very comfortable lifestyle. His counsel is often invaluable to many, especially those living below the average mark. The goal behind his teachings is financial discipline.

Finance Influencers 


7.   Tim Bradshaw – @tim/ 99.2k

Tim is a top finance influencer, and a tech reporter at financial times with insight on the issues related to the financial market. His contributions to financial news analysis have made top stories. Major investors and entrepreneurs have made life-changing investments based on updates from Tim.  

Finance Influencers 


8.   Michael Mauboussin – @mjmauboussin 86.7k

Michael Mauboussin, a top finance influencer, an adjunct professor at the Business School of Columbia, Chairman Emeritus of the board at Santa Fe Institute, and a model businessman. He is well recognized for his inputs in creating mental models, and complex adaptive systems that better inform investors and entrepreneurs. He is a business writer; one of his most impactful content is the Economics of Customer Businesses, Calculating Customer-based Corporate Valuation.

Finance Influencers 


9.   Jesse Livermore – @Jesse_Livermore/ 84k

The man behind the success of philosophical economics is one of the go-to’s for equity valuation, upside-down market, inflation, and other finance-related topics. He is also a trader and has significant experience in stocks.

Finance Influencers 


10.   Mark Dow – @Mark_dow/ 83.5k

Mark is top finance influencer and an expert in behavioral economics. His knowledge of macroeconomics and the business of long-term investments are unmatched. He has also made relevant contributions to Cryptocurrency investment.

Finance Influencers 


11.   Marc Cohodes – @AlderLaneeggs/ 66.6k

The famous Marc Cohodes is everything but “petite” even with his brainchild petiteparkerthebarker.com. He is a giant in the financial investment space. He is known for his affiliations with big industry names and his contributions to economic analysis on social media, blogs, podcasts, and other mediums.

Finance Influencers 


12.   Michael Kitces – @Michealkitces/ 61.4k

The highly influential entrepreneur and financial analyst consider himself a “life-long learner” in the field of financial planning amidst his great achievements in financial advisory. His perspective has been invaluable to numerous individuals looking to catch a financial breakout. He is a renowned publisher and loves to provide valuable and helpful commentary on financial planning.

Finance Influencers 


13.   David Einhorn – @Davidein/ 59.7k

The founder of greenlight capital is mentioned in Forbes as one of the most sort-after financial influencers in the industry. His contributions to the field of financial investment solutions have been exceptional. He is a hedge fund manager, and president at Greenlight Capital, a value-oriented hedge fund company.  

Finance Influencers 


14.   John Hempton – @john_Hempton/ 56.7k

The finance guru specializes in investments and trade, providing the most useful advice to individuals who need the right guidance for investment. He is adept at stock values, the cryptocurrency market, and other forms of investment.

Finance Influencers 


15.   David Schawel – @DavidSchawel/ 49.1k

The Chicago native and NC State alumni, David Schawel, is big on stock talks. His position as an investment CIO makes him an authority in financial investments, hedge funds, credits and other conversations closely related to business.

Finance Influencers 


16.   J. Money – @BudgetsAreSexy/ 48.2k

The personal finance blogger takes investments to a whole new level as he publishes tons of extremely helpful insight on j.money.biz. His content cuts across budget planning, retirement, making money, and how to live a fulfilled financially stable life.

Finance Influencers 


17.   Kristie Sawicki – Saving Dollars and Sense @KristieSawicki/ 47.2k

Saving money on expenses and living a frugal lifestyle is a niche that Kristie Sawicki excels greatly at. She brings the best deals on the internet, from coupons to freebies and everything in between. The goal is to make you a smart spender. Her personal website is savingdollarsandsense.com.  

Finance Influencers 


18.   Alessio Rastani – @alessiorastani/ 43.2k

Rastani brings a delightful and informative perspective to the Cryptocurrency market. He is an analyst of stocks, bonds, and a renowned FX chartist. He doesn’t just read numbers, he is a trade expert and is largely dedicated to informing and educating the general audience on the dynamics of the market. Rastani is a mentor and a speaker.   

Screen Shot 2021 05 27 at 1.18.20 PM


19.   Beth Kobliner – @Bethkobliner/ 41.6k

Beth is many things; A bestselling author, a professional journalist, and a financial adviser. She is dedicated to the money conversation and helping people meet their financial goals. She is the brain behind the book “Get a financial life” and is President Advisory Council on client financial capability.

Screen Shot 2021 05 27 at 1.13.24 PM


20.   Jeff Rose – @jjeffrose/ 32k

The self-proclaimed soldier of finance and a renowned entrepreneur provides sound strategies on how to hack wealth and make the most of financial opportunities. He is a cryptocurrency analyst, a writer, and an investor. Jeff Rose is a certified financial planner and the co-founder of Alliance Investment Planning Group.

Screen Shot 2021 05 27 at 1.13.31 PM


21.   Ben Chu – @BenChu_/22k

No financial news escapes the renowned economics editor with his immense contributions to the Independent News.  The columnist is an exceptional writer and has a knack for juicy financial details. If its news on global economics and money matters, Chu is the “who.”

Finance Influencers


22.   Michelle Schroeder-Gardner – @SenseofCents/ 19.6k

Voted as the finance blogger of the year at Fincon, the personal finance expert provides valuable guidance on social media and blogs on how to escape financial debts and live a fulfilling life. She is a full-time traveler.

Screen Shot 2021 05 27 at 1.19.41 PM


23.   Money Matters – @MoneyMatters/ 18.5k

Talk about making money the Christian way! This big-time finance influencer is the founder of Bible Money Matters, a platform where people can get valuable advice on investment, savings, and other issues.

Screen Shot 2021 05 27 at 1.19.49 PM


24.   David Ning – @MoneyNing/ 18.2k

One of the numerous motivations of the “Money Ning” is helping business owners and entrepreneurs thrive in an ever-evolving, cut-throat money market. David is a personal finance coach, a blogger, and a financial freedom preacher with the goal to help people hit their “financial sweet spot” with a sustained well of income for their retirement years. He is very influential in business economics, and ventures.

Screen Shot 2021 05 27 at 1.19.56 PM


25.   Steve Rhode – @GetOutOfDebtGuy/ 17.2k

Steve Rhode applies his knowledge of financial investment in helping people get out of debt. He publishes financially helpful content on his personal website GetOutOfDebt.org, which has a significant amount of traffic daily.    

Screen Shot 2021 05 27 at 1.20.11 PM


26.   Ed Borgato – @EdBorgato/ 15.1k

Ed Borgato is a renowned practitioner of the speculative arts. He has consistently provided valuable information on private investments and manages capital assets for a private investment company. He is an expert business consultant and has played an interestingly useful role in guiding stock market investors.  

Screen Shot 2021 05 27 at 1.29.48 PM


27.   Susan Weiner – @Susanweiner/ 13.2k

If it is written content on professional investment, then it has “Weiner” labeled on it.  The Chartered Financial Analyst specializes in helping financial professionals and the likes to improve on the quality and impact of their publications on the delicate matters of client investment and prospecting.   She has a track record of excellence in her field as a reliable source for financial investment.

Screen Shot 2021 05 27 at 1.29.57 PM


28.   Karl Deeter – @karldeeter/ 12.2K

The financial expert and adviser are recognized for his clout and feedbacks in the finance territory. He is the founder of onlineapplications.io and a financial analyst at the Irish Mortgage Brokers & Advisors in Dublin. His contributions as a blogger, commentator, and columnist are well-recognized.

Screen Shot 2021 05 27 at 1.30.05 PM


29.   Roddy Boyd – @RodBoydILM

The investigative reporter promotes accountability as a professional finance journalist. He captures the science of and politics of finance in some of his most popular content. He is verbose in his written entries on financial services, healthcare, hedge funds, and investing.  He spares no agenda in professing his deepest and most sincere thoughts about finance, lifestyle, trading, and other blocks of economy-related news.

Screen Shot 2021 05 27 at 1.30.14 PM


30.   Bargain Briana – @bargainbri/10.4k

The mother of 4 provides insightful information on frugal living, money-saving tips, deals, coupons, budget-friendly recipes, and the likes.

Finance Influencers


31.   Allan Schoenberg – @allanschoenberg/ 10.1k

Allan is an economics guru with the numbers to show for it. He describes himself as a “tech geek” and has a passion for creating content for business development. He is an Executive Director of Corp Communications at CMEgroup.

Finance Influencers


32.   Steve Chou – @mywifequit/ 9,842k

Steve chou, entrepreneur extraordinaire, e-commerce Twitter and sole owner of two 7 figure businesses. He is a major influencer on wealth creation and multiple income streams.

Finance Influencers


33.   Alex Rubalcava – @AlexRubalcava/ 9,477k

Alex, interestingly a seed investor in the likes of B2B software, and a business guru with proven competence in solving problems related to business and financial investments, is certainly one of the most successful finance influencers in the game. He has tentacles in tech operations and integration into businesses to improve overall efficiency. Alex is the founder of Stage Venture Partners.

Finance Influencers


34.   Phillip Etienne – @Philipetienne/ 9,354k

A Neuroeconomist and an artist with a knack for all things investment-related.  The influencer is a specialist in hedge funds and other related financial investments. 

Finance Influencers


35.   Your Money Geek – @yourmoneygeek/ 7,749k

The fun financial coach is always available to provide judgment-free advice on investment, finances, business, and how to reach and exceed your financial goals.

Finance Influencers


36.   Jacob Wolinsky – @JacobWolinsky/6,857k

The influencer has a good understanding of hedge funds as well as value investments. He keeps us with industry trends and creates constructive information and analysis on the issue relating to funding and securing funds for business.

Finance Influencers


37.   Lazy Man And Money – @LazyManAndMoney/ 6,623k

The blogger behind “Lazy man and money” lives his truth, sharing vital information on budgeting, banking, insurance, spending, estate, and other making money ventures.

Finance Influencers


38.   Jim Wang – @walletHacks/ 6,554k

Jim Wang is a successful entrepreneur, blogger, and one of leading finance influencers. He demystifies the complexities of making money in his blog wallethacks.com, with the goal of making financial decisions easier and more profitable.

Finance Influencers


39.   My Money Blog – @mymoneyblog/ 5,915k

The author behind “My Money Blog” reveals financial secrets that are based on living the best life, cutting costs, savings, living a frugal life, and making money the right way.

Finance Influencers


40.   Jen Smith – @modernfrugality/ 5,319

Jen Smith, after she broke out of a $78k debt in just 23 months, took to blogging and podcast to educate people on the frugal way of living and how to save better. She is a personal finance expert.

Finance Influencers


41.   Fitz Villafuerte – @brodfitz/5,274k

Fitz is a registered financial planner and a successful entrepreneur with talent in devising financial strategies to boost wealth. He is a content creator and a secular humanist.

Finance Influencers


42.   Kimberly Blanton – @SquaredAwayBC/ 5,219k

The former reporter turned blogger gives her earnest opinion on finances, investments, equity, retirement savings, policies, and whole other issues. Her contributions cut across all race, ethnic groups, enabling struggling workers to find solutions to their financial stagnation via the squared away blog. Her posts cover cutting-edge research, handling money, preparing for emergencies and retirement, college fees, and other issues that are apparently norms in society.

Finance Influencers


43.   BasuNivesh – @BasuNivesh/ 4,150k

Basu is one of leading finance influencers a a registered corporate investment adviser with vast experience in the financial market his exploits are well-known and recognized on social media platforms. He is also a blogger.

Finance Influencers


44.   Irene Aldridge – @ireneAldridge/4,062k

The co-author of two major financially disrupting books “Big Data Science in Finance” and “Real-Time Risk”, and author of “High-Frequency Trading” is one of the go-tos of trading, and a leading voice in the financial market. She is an expert in stock trading, a fund manager, and a most eloquent public speaker.

Finance Influencers


45.   Colin Williams – @colinTWilliams/ 3,729k

One thing that the professional is particularly recognized for is his inputs in creating a softer landing for finance professionals as well as individuals looking to catch any opportunity in the finance trade.

Finance Influencers


46.   Harry Sit – TheFinanceBuff/ 3,519k

Harry Sit prides himself as a finance influencer and provides substantial information on personal finance, and how to live a comfortable life. He is an author and a blogger.

Finance Influencers


47.   Angela Davis – @FrugalLivingNW/ 3,338k

Frugal living is a trend preached widely by many of the likes of Angela Davis. She is one of leading finance influencers and is devoted to creating a highly informative blog and social media content on living well on a budget.

Finance Influencers


48.   Joseph Hogue – @peerfinance101/2,410k

Blogger, and personal finance consultant; Joseph Hogue speaks on how to make money, invest in the most profitable ventures, and getting out of debt in the shortest time possible.

Finance Influencers


49.   Money By Ramey – @moneybyramey/ 2,316k

The finance influencer talks extensively about financial freedom, stocks, and passive income streams. His personal website moneybyramey.com elaborates on the techniques of attaining financial independence.

Finance Influencers


50.   Sreekanth – @ReLakhs/ 1,643k

Sreekanth is the sole founder of Relakhs, a certified financial strategist, planner, and a popular investment blogger. His tweets and updates guide upcoming investors and business people on the right moves to make.

Finance Influencers


Finance Influencers and Their Importance

Many finance influencers, through their experiences, educational background, or training, have been able to master the art and science of investment, savings, and creating a functional system that ensures that their income is well utilized. These influencers are often invaluable to businesses and individuals especially in times of crisis such as an epidemic. The projection is that more and more individuals are becoming more financially aware and there would be an increase in the number of finance influencers on all social media platforms in the coming years. 

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