29 Fashion Basics That Are in High Demand at Nordstrom

There is an interesting feature on each of the product pages on Nordstrom’s site. There’s actually a spot below the sizing drop-down section that showcases if and how many fellow shoppers are actually viewing that particular item at that time. So essentially, you can more or less tell if a piece is in “higher demand” based on the number of people considering the item.

We decided to take a scroll through the pages of fashionable basics and pulled out those versatile picks that have higher demand because multiple people were viewing said items as we were putting together this story. In terms of the assortment, there’s everything from tried-and-true denim cuts to easy-to-style tanks and tees to lightweight layering pieces as well.

With all that said, keep scrolling to check out a variety of top-notch Nordstrom items.

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