29 Chic Summer Fashion Items That Are Under $100

It truly excites me when I find a standout item that just so happens to skew on the affordable side. When I uncover said gems while scrolling through my go-to sites, I often note them to share in my various stories. And that’s what I’m going to do right here. Yep, I compiled an edit of all of the new under-$100 items that really piqued my interest recently.

I’d actually consider the offering coming your way to be, well, show-offs, in a way. Essentially, they’re all either forward, effortless, gorgeous, or all of the above. All in all, they just feel like they were made to be seen. I’m referring to items such as bold dresses and skirts (like the style pictured above), modern tailoring, trendy footwear picks, and adorable accessories.

Keep scrolling to check out the affordable show-offs that I’m so down with right now.

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