18 Summer Ankle Boots To Wear All Season Long

Ankle boots are without a doubt a closet staple, but when the weather is warmer and hemlines are shorter, are they really still acceptable to keep wearing? The answer is undoubtedly yes—with a few guidelines, of course. While the fashion set has frequently been favoring western-style boots this summer, not everyone is as open to the idea of wearing thick leather on their feet while the asphalt is a solid 90+ degrees. 

Our suggestion when it comes to finding ankle boots that are perfect year-round is to choose styles that are neutral in color and have heels that aren’t too high—think chunky soles and low block heels. Boots that fall within those categories allow you to keep wearing your summer styles well into the winter, thus ensuring that you’re getting the most out of your purchases. We’ve rounded up ankle boots that are everything you’re looking for below, complete with outfit inspiration to get your wheels turning.

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